Friday, 4 August 2017

My monster

There was a monster named Marcus and he was fiendish lousy and also nasty! He smelled like cake and cheese and sometimes he went to scare 
humans.So he went around the world and people were very nervous. They dicited to run away and never see him again, so Marcus was all alone.
He promised he wouldn't do that but the people didin,t trust him. He felt very lonely in the city Marcus found a way get the
people. His spirit went deep into the under ground of the earth and when he got back he showed a sign to the humans . Marcus lit up his face the the people believed in him once again Marcus sometimes forgets and scare people again but the people remind him. Sometimes he makes mistakes but the humans still believe him and love Marcus.They don't care about his evil dark eyes and his sharp pointy unpleasant wretched claws and his
horrified roar but the people still love him every day.

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