Monday, 10 December 2018

My Dream Job

I like rugby league because it is the best game I ever played when I was little. I want to play for the Tongan team because I always support that team. So I have to get better at running straight

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Artwork Reflection 2018

Introduction To Time

Classroom Battleships

What was your favourite part of our Classroom Battleships?
It was when the boy started to make a fort but at least they failed but there wasn’t
What strategies did you use, why?
I used my hand because it’s like an arrwo
What was the funniest thing that happened?
Seeing roman because when he won everyone came to him for a hug but when they huged him he nearly fell
What was the most challenging part of our Classroom Battleships?
It was trying to b e quite because everyone couldn’t stop shouting
What piece of furniture was the best to use, why?
The couch because it’s strong and it’s like a sheld
What would you do differently next time?
I would use the fake grenades as a catapult because it’s easy.

Write a short script about how Classroom Battleships is played, remember to explain important rules.  This should only be a paragraph long.
How to play a classroom battleship you have to pretend that the pilows are grenades and use and use tables couches and chairs the rule is you can’t touch eachother if you do your out and thats how you play.