Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mihi Paragragh

As the teachers were picking one of the kids in my class to share their mihi, I felt nervous to go up. When I started to walk up to the front of the the class my whole body started to shake hardout. I spoke proudly. As I went to sit back on the matt I felt joyful and relaxed.

Friday, 15 June 2018



Long ago there were seven sisters. The sisters made some kites to fly but the youngest sister
called matariki did’nt know how to make kites so she just had to watch. One day the youngest sister became
old enough to make kites. The oldest one had a green kite and the second one had a orange
kite and the other had a pink but the youngest sister had a rainbow kite and it was the most
loveliest kite they ever seen. After that they all took their kites outside but sadly there was
no wind in sight so the sisters hanged there kites on a tree and fell and fell asleep.
During the night there was a huge wind coming towards the kites and blew them
away and went in the sky matariki was the first one to wake up she where is my
kite and she cried. Matariki woke up her sisters and the oldest sister said
Matariki those kites are and they are up in the sky and those kites are stars.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


On Yesterday The Block made pikelets. First we had the ingredients to cook it.The ingredients were sugar,salt,milk,egg,flour,oil,baking powder we mix it together and boom! It just became like slime.
We took the cooking pan outside and the table. Miss Scanlen put the heat at about number 6 on the dial.
We put the slimey pikelets in the hot pan with a spoon. After it was cooked I got to have some pikelets
and put some spread. When I put some chocolate chips on my pikelet it tasted like chocolate cake
and a bit of strawberry. It was the most yummiest food I ever tasted.