Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Letter To Julius

WALT: Write an informal
letter to a family
member or friend.

Dear Julius 

I hope you are okay with your work
because you are a very smart kid.
I also like talents because you are a
fit boy and very creative in everything
and the talent I like mostly about is Rugby League.
Thank you for everything that you had done last year
for me, you supported me whenever I was not good
at something, you helped me as I was going
through hard times and you always
played with me when it was lunch
and morning tea.  I hope you a very happy
christmas forever.

From your friend William.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Letter To My Mum And Dad

  WALT:Write an informal letter
to your friend or family.

Dear Mum and Dad.

I just want to say thank you for giving
me education in Pt England school
and I hope you have a great christmas,
and another thing I want to thank you
for is for being a humble Mum and Dad
because you raised me up in a good way.
From your son Viliami.

Monday, 2 December 2019


Letter Writing

WALT. Write an informal letter
to a friend or
family member.

Dear Manaia. 
You had a very good year and I’ve seen
some very talented stuff
from you this year,
I can say that your talents have been making room 11 an
enthusiastic class in Pt England School.
I hope you will be a more talented and fun 9 year old
girl next year then you will have a lot of friends to hangout with,
and have a happy Christmas.

From William. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Making Butter

We need: cream, A jar [glass jar]

We have: pikelets, whipped cream, jam

  1. Put cream into the jar 
2. Shake the jar until the cream turns
clumpy and yellowish white

3. Butter our pikelets and put the jam or
cream both on to the pikelet

As I tasted my two pikelets I kinda
liked it but kinda off at the same time.
When I was making my pikelets it was
too hard to put the butter on and my
hardest to make was by putting the jam on because
I actually put too much because
I really wanted it to be perfect.
Then miss Tumahai gently sprayed
the whipped cream on. Lastly I was forced to eat so I ate it.
After that I enjoyed my meal. 

Monday, 25 November 2019

Instructions To Make A Wrap.

These are your ingredients for your wrap

You will need some cooked sausages.

A container of butter.

Some freshly grown tomatoes or ordinary ones.

A nice avocado make it a little more healthy.

A spinach wrap for the casing.

Now The last ingredient fresh Rocket.

Get a butter knife to spread the butter around the wrap.
Get the rocket and gently sprinkle it all of the wrap.
After that cut the cooked sausages two then lay it down on the
rocket and take the fresh tomato and cut it into four parts.
Quickly grab the avocado and the butter knife and cut the
avocado into
two pieces and spread on the wrap.
Lastly fold your wrap into a great looking burrito
and enjoy your meal.